Child Saving Plan


Invest today for your child's future dreams.

Every parent’s dream is to ensure their child gets the best of everything. Education and marriage are the biggest concerns where you do not want to compromise. A child saving plan will help you invest your money wisely & insure your child’s dream.


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Tips to save money for your child’s future

One of the best solutions is to start saving early for your child’s future that makes a big difference in their lives. Here are some tips to save money for your child’s future:

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The right time to start saving is now. The sooner you start saving, the more you can provide for your child.

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The usual entry age to buy a child plan is 18 to 21 years, and the maturity age can be up to 60 to 65 years.

Child Education Plan a unique way to save for your child’s future. To fulfill your child’s dream & aspirations, begin by making small investments in a Recurring Deposit for a short tenure and receive regular payouts for the rest of the tenure.

The frequency of the equated payouts will be chosen by you while filling up the form for investing in this Plan.

Yes. A loan of 90% will be sanctioned against the principal account balance of the Recurring Deposit in the Investment Phase.

The minimum instalment amount for This plan is Rs. 500.

No. This Benefit does not apply to the Child saving plan.

Child Education Plan will earn prevailing fixed deposit interest rates for the entire deposit period.

Yes, you can set up a Standing Instruction for installment payment in the Child Education Plan.

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